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Award Categories

Award entries are now closed.

Spirit of  Manawatū  Award Manawatu Standard logo

This award is open to any business that contributes to the Manawatū region. Contribution may be measured in terms of employment and wealth creation, community investment and support, charitable inputs etc.

Innovation with Talent AwardUCOL logo

This award recognises a business that demonstrates how their people practices and culture have contributed to the business’ success through innovation, planning and evaluation of impact.

Excellence in a Marketing Campaign Award

This category recognises businesses that have shown an outstanding example of a marketing campaign where customer research and/or market insights were used to plan and measure the campaigns performance. Examples of performance include increasing customer loyalty, media coverage, validated return on expenditure, retention, customer satisfaction, profitability and/or brand awareness. Whilst third parties/agencies may have created and assisted in completing the campaign relating to this entry, the business or organisation entering this award and its products or services must be the beneficiary.

Excellence  in  Innovation AwardEtech logo

This category recognises organisations that have enhanced their success through innovation – both in thinking and implementing an idea. An innovation can be in a product/service/technology or process, and judges’ marking will be aligned to the definition of the  ten types of innovation  by  Keeley,  Pikkel, Quinn  and  Walters.

Māori Business Award

Poutama LogoTe Au Rangahau Logo

This category recognises a business that successfully incorporates Māori identity and values as part of its business operation. The business can be from any business category. To enter this award, you must be of Māori descent and have been in business for a minimum of two years.

Emerging Business Award

BusinessNZBusiness Central Logo

This award recognises a business that has achieved significant business growth during the last one to three years as a result of effective planning and delivery. The business must have started trading after 31 March 2017.

Welcoming Communities Inclusive Business Award

PNCC logo

Welcoming Communities logo

Recognises a business that is embracing the increasing cultural diversity of our city by taking action towards becoming more inclusive in the way that they conduct their business (i.e. customer experience) and/or manage their organisational culture (i.e. employee experience).

Examples may include businesses who have developed onboarding programmes for new staff that take into account their diverse backgrounds, enabling staff celebrations of culturally significant days, or providing language learning opportunities to employees, or in terms of customer experience, highlighting diversity in their marketing materials, and taking into consideration the different cultural needs and experiences of customers in front-line processes.

Find out more about Welcoming Communities, including the eight elements of what a Welcoming Community looks like here. This award is proudly supported by Palmerston North City Council.

The Peoples’ Choice AwardMediaWorks logo

This award recognises the business that’s captured the hearts of the Manawatū community. Sponsored by MediaWorks, this award is selected by popular vote.

Alongside the categories above, we will be presenting two special awards; the Lifetime Service Award and the Westpac Supreme Award.

Lifetime Service Award Manawatu District Council Logo

This award celebrates and recognises a business or individual from the Manawatū region whose longevity and contribution to the local economy has been significant. During their lifetime, the recipient will have been instrumental in adding to the vibrancy of the business community resulting in expanding business, innovation and employment opportunities that have benefitted the region.

Westpac Supreme AwardWestpac

The Westpac Supreme Award recognises a business that has made an exceptional contribution to the Manawatū economy through what they have achieved under one of the above award categories. Simply the best from all category winners.

Westpac Choose Manawatū Business Awards are proudly supported by