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On the Edge | Peak Performance Retreat

As entrepreneurs and leaders, we often live on the edge. We need to make high stakes decisions under pressure, apply advanced planning techniques, deliver innovation and extraordinary solutions to global problems, while juggling life, partners, children, friends, and relationships.

It is without doubt that, no matter what your environment or profession, mastering mental skills, decreasing overwhelm and controlling stress, are essential skills to gain commercial advantage and the ability to thrive in chaos, volatility and peak performance environments.

Join Shivani Gupta and Sally Duxfield in some of the world’s most exotic locations as we embark on a journey of transformational growth. By connecting our learning with new and unique experiences and environments, not only will you benefit from the joy of travel, but the experiential learning pedagogy will also ensure in excess of 80% retention of the world class content.

Starting off with On the Edge | Peak Performance Mastery of Self Retreat | Arete Retreat, New Zealand

During this retreat we will be seeking to understand how the brain works (function), how it can change through experience (plasticity) and your facilitators will answer your curiosity on, and provide tools for:

- Extreme Focus
- Sustainable levels of Energy
- Understanding the Physiological Response to Stress
- Peak Performance Routines and Rituals
- Increased Optimal Performance
- Extraordinary Communication
- Breathwork and Mediation | the skills and the science
- Harnessing and honing Passion

Steeped in neuroscience and actionable models, each day follows a rhythm that provides the path for the attainment of excellence. Allowing the sunrise to call us to focus and learning, our mornings share a bias for big learning, deep thinking and reflection. Inspired and stimulated, we share our afternoons with adventure, travel and making memories. Evenings lean into the experiencing of local foods, engaging conversations, reflection and purposeful sleep, bespoke designed for peak performance.

Meet Shivani Gupta | Founder | Business Coach | Keynote Speaker | Author

Shivani is first woman in her lineage to work and move from India to Australia at the age of 11. She is extremely grateful for the opportunities she has had to reach her own potential.

Her WHY is to help entrepreneurs and leaders reach their potential by helping them get clarity and take action. Her expertise includes | Scale, People, Mental Wellness, Exit. Over the last 20 years, Shivani has presented to over a quarter of a million people across 18 countries, coached over 1500 leaders globally and authored 8 books.

Meet Sally Duxfield | Founder | Entrepreneur | Peak Performance Coach | Speaker | Author

Sally has 35 years-experience in the corporate and leadership worlds. As an ex-military officer, she intuitively understands how to perform under pressure and revels in sharing her knowledge of the neuroscience of peak performance.

Her vision is to inspire international leaders and elite athletes, to seek wellbeing in sustainable peak performance, hunt down and achieve dreams, and articulate the extraordinary. Her impact4Q model, supported by the science and the ‘how to’ for decreasing overwhelm and increasing control, is presented in a format that is unrivalled in the world.

Staying at Arete Retreat, Sally's very own off-grid, luxury retreat, nestled in the foothills of the magnificent Tararua Forest Park. 1hr 15 from Wellington and 45minutes from Palmerston North. Arete Retreat, where you’ll find an oasis that invites you to leave your everyday behind. Off grid, carbon-neutral, discrete, peaceful, calm. Even to stand in this space is to begin to let go of yesterday and allow your brain the opportunity to reset, refocus.

Price: $6995.00 NZD

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February 17 2024 16:00 - February 20 2024 23:59
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On the Edge Retreat | New Zealand: $6995.00
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