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High Maintenance Abseil

High Maintenance Abseil

Specializing in working at height by means of rope access to perform the task at hand using either a fall arrest system or more so by abseiling.

High Maintenance Abseil is a newly formed company with over 7 years experience performing specialist rope access techniques at hard to reach places on Commercial and Residential properties. We can perform various inspections, maintenance, and cleaning services where conventional methods are restricted. We pride ourselves on delivering high value, innovative and quality services on client’s projects without the excessive price tags.

Products and/or Services:

• General Building Maintenance • Roof Maintenance • Lichen spraying • Painting • Building Wash down • Water Blasting • Window Cleaning • Glazing Assist at Height • Chimney clean • Gutter cleaning • Bird deterrent

Opening Hours:

7.30am to 7.30pm Monday to Friday

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