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Massey University – Palmerston North City

Massey University – Palmerston North City

The Manawatu campus is Massey University’s original campus, and has a rich academic history, particularly in the fields of agriculture and veterinary studies.

Massey University continues to be the leader in land-based sciences, the development, production and packaging of food, education, sports exercise and management, business, social work and social policy, Maori development, IT and engineering. It is also home to university-based aviation school, the newly launched WH Oliver Humanities Research Academy, and New Zealand’s only veterinary science programme, which is one of a few vet schools outside of North America that have received American veterinary medical association accreditation.  Massey University’s work defines New Zealand, enables New Zealand to compete globally and leads the way in research and technology development. The Palmerston North campus is also a leader in the sport and well-being arena with world-class facilities, teaching and research expertise and the Massey University Sports Academy.  Massey in Palmerston North offers well-priced student accommodation in the Halls of Residence, and the city offers free bus service to get around the city. 


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