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Off The Loop Wake Park

Off The Loop Wake Park

Enjoy wakeboarding at our private lake on our 2x two tower Cable Systems. Based in Foxton, 1 ½ hrs north of the Wellington CBD, and 30 minutes west of Palmerston North we have a variety of flat glassy water, ramps and rail slides for your riding pleasure.

Our purpose built park started as a bare paddock in rural Horowhenua. We built every aspect with our own hands and designed the park with performance, accessibility, comfort and fun in mind. We have 9m high towers for an incredible angle of pull, two double counterweight cable systems ensuring the maximum tension possible, and high dirt banks surrounding our twin lane lake to achieve the flattest achievable water conditions for the ultimate enjoyment of your ride. Only 1 ½ hrs from the Wellington CBD and Ferry Terminal, and 30 seconds off State Highway 1 in Foxton, our laid back beautifully landscaped park is perfectly positioned to maximise the potential of this fast growing sport. Close to the Manawatu River & all the local amenities.
Other important info
Winter Hours - April to October weekends 10am - 5pm Summer Hours - October to April 10am -5pm tuesday to sunday. Outside these hours By Appointment.
Yes, Parking on site
ParkingBest when calm, rain or shine.


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