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Living Options

Living options

Affordable accommodation

Manawatū is often ranked as one of the most affordable places to live in New Zealand – so whether you prefer hostel accommodation, a modern house or a student flat in the city centre, Palmerston North has a range of affordable accommodation options for everyone to call home.

A large number of students, particularly in their first year of study, will choose to stay in a hostel or a student hall of residence. Living in the hostels can be a wonderful experience, allowing you to meet other students and the opportunity to create new friendships. It also offers you an independent lifestyle with the perks of a structured, organised accommodation system in place.

Most education providers have their own on-campus halls of residence where their students can stay and be involved in a number of additional university activities. Alternatively there are also a number of privately run and independent hostels in Palmerston North city.
If you are interested in hostels, check out:
Private Renting (Flatting)
Flatting is a popular choice for many students in Palmerston North, and there are hundreds of properties for students to choose from. When selecting a house to rent there are many things to consider, including finding the perfect location, entering into a Tenancy Agreement and setting up electricity, phone, and internet.

Tenancy advice

If you’re looking to rent in Palmerston North city and Manawatū, you can find properties on the following sites:

Looking for work?

Finding work while you study or when you graduate is at the top of the priority list for many of our students. To help you prepare to find work, we have created some resources and tools that will help you be as employable as possible.
Student employment


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