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Coach House Museum

Coach House Museum

The Coach House Museum is an outstanding collection of rural heritage which showcases over 140 years of local early settler life, farming and historic horse-drawn transportation. A vast, awe-inspiring collection that is a must see for all ages.

This is a place in which stories about the good old days come thick and fast. A place for reminiscing, sharing a trip down memory lane... It's New Zealand's rural past beautifully displayed in the heart of the Manawatū.

Feilding’s Coach House Museum is home to a world-class collection of heritage, showcasing over 140 years of local history. Fascinating stories are told of local people and the vehicles they used to develop Manawatū into the thriving rural heartland it is today. Horse-drawn vehicles, early settler home-life, sheep and dairy farming, vintage tractors and farm machinery fill this museum to the brim with wonderful tales of days gone by.

Your journey into our local history begins here.


How to get there

127 South Street, Feilding, New Zealand
5 minutes walk, 1 minute drive to Feilding town centre
5 minutes walk, 1 minute drive to Feilding town centre
Other important info
Huge free parking area, suitable for motorhomes and tour buses


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