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No. 1 Line Track

Time: 2-3 hrs | Distance: 4.6km return | Fitness level: moderate

No. 1 Line Track

Located within the Ruahine Forest Park which consists of beautiful bush covered ranges.

The track heads into forest immediately behind the car park and consists of a series of reasonably steep climbs interspersed with a few level sections to get your breath back. Not far from the beginning is a huge rimu and a bit further on is a large rata. As the track climbs higher up the ridge, lovely views out to the west are frequent. Just before the main track finishes there is a wonderful lookout giving views up to the main range and back out towards the coast. The drive to this track is scenic, and takes you high up to the foothills of the Ruahine Ranges. No. 1 Line is a gravel road. 

Please note that recreational hunting is one of the main forms of animal control in this area today. More details can be found via Department of Conservation.



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