Out of the dark and into the light. Now you can see more than 300 artworks from the Te Manawa collection on display.

One of Te Manawa art gallery’s latest intiatives – ‘Democracy of the Rack’ – is aimed at getting the city’s own extensive art collection of over 2,500 items acquired over the past 50 years, out of storage and into the public gallery to be enjoyed.

Toni Edmeades, Art Programme Developer, is keen to make the gallery as accessible to the public as possible.

“In the past, pieces have been curated as part of an exhibition, but it can be difficult to include some of our more contemporary pieces,” says Toni. “Our framed collection is stored in large racks out of public sight. Democracy of the Rack is about every painting being displayed exactly as they are stored (on racks), so every piece gets an opportunity to be viewed.”

When you visit the Art Gallery you’ll find Democracy of the Rack near the entrance in Gallery Two. Four racks stand in the centre of the room so visitors face each other. “This is also another change to traditional curation. Instead of visitors with their backs to each other, this allows people to face each other and creates a more social experience.”

Art Gallery Palmy Proud

Art Gallery

Touch screens located at the racks give more information on each of the works – a more contemporary and interactive take on the traditional gallery label.

The racks are switched out each season, which will eventually allow every work to be displayed.

Nearby in Galleries Three and Four, works on paper from the collection are displayed digitally, cycling through a number of artworks ranging from prints to pastels.

When was the last time you wandered through Palmy’s Art Gallery? For more information on upcoming exhibitions please visit temanawa.nz. Open daily from 10am – 5pm.

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