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How to Find Peace of Mind - Meditation Workshop

How to Find Peace of Mind - meditation workshop
with Birgit Saunders

It is very important to be able to distinguish negative to states of mind from peaceful, positive states of mind.

We may think that our suffering is caused by other people, by poor material conditions or by society, but in reality, it all comes from our own negative states of mind.

The essence of spiritual practice is to reduce and eventually completely eradicate these states from our mind replacing them with peaceful, positive state of mind.

To do this, we need to examine our mind throughout the day and the night.

Usually, we keep an eye on what other people are doing, but it would be far better if we kept an eye all the time on what our mind is thinking and believing.

Whenever we are working, talking, relaxing, or studying Dharma, one part of our mind should always be watching to check what thoughts are arising in our mind. As soon as a negative state of mind arises, we should try to stop it immediately.

If we are able to catch disturbed states of mind early, they are easy to stop.

In this course Birgit will teach simple techniques and meditations to learn to identify and reduce negative states of mind and cultivate positive ways of thinking, so we can have peace of mind whatever our situation.

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March 17 2024 10:00 - March 17 2024 13:00
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Half day workshop, incl morning tea: $30.00
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