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Learn to Skate for Adults

Bookings are essential! We do not take payment at the door!

Fun adult learn-to-skate classes provide an engaging and supportive environment for adults of all skill levels to discover or enhance their skating abilities. These classes are designed to cater to the unique needs and interests of adult learners, offering a blend of skill development, and enjoyment.

Participants in these classes can expect a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere, fostering a sense of community among adults who share a common interest in learning to skate. Skilled instructors guide participants through fundamental skating techniques, ensuring that each lesson is accessible and enjoyable for everyone involved.

The emphasis on fun distinguishes these classes from more traditional or formal training programs. Incorporating games, creative exercises, and social interactions into the learning process not only enhances the overall experience but also helps adults build confidence on the rink.

Whether participants are absolute beginners or looking to refine their skating skills, these classes often focus on balance, posture, and basic maneuvers, gradually progressing to more advanced techniques as participants become more comfortable on the rink. The goal is not only to teach skating skills but also to provide a positive and enjoyable outlet for physical activity and recreation.

Ultimately, fun adult learn-to-skate classes offer a dynamic and social approach to mastering the art of artistic skating, allowing adults to embrace the joy of gliding on the rink while building a sense of community with fellow learners.

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Please note this information should be used as a guide only. To help ensure your safety we advise you review our safety page and contact the individual provider for up to date information on their compliance with all Health and Safety and regulatory requirements.

April 03 2024 19:00 - June 05 2024 20:00
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Adult Learn to skate casual - With skate Hire: $12.00
Adult Learn to skate 5 session plan - With skate hire: $48.00
Adult Learn to skate 10 session plan - With skate hire: $84.00
Adult Learn to skate Yearly unlimited session plan - With skate hire: $216.00
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