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Sunday Concert Series - S H E

Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō presents Sunday Concert Series, showcasing talented Aotearoa New Zealand musical artists performing across a wide range of genres and styles. The series is held on the last Sunday of the month in the Te Takeretanga o Kura-hau-pō Main Space and is entirely free of charge.
Join us for our final concert of 2023 in November for the distorted psychedelia of S H E!
Imagine Britney Spears took LSD and started playing guitar, and you’ll have S H E (Spectres Haunting Europe), a three-piece band based in Wellington. Describing their music as ‘shoegaze rock’, but in reality defying easy classification, the boys have been tearing up the clubs of the coolest little capital since 2020, with two singles under their belts and working on their debut EP to be released 2021 2023 it's-coming-we-swear!
Influenced by the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Radiohead, with a dash of D’Angelo, U2 and Lady Gaga and topping with a helping of jazz- and metal-inspired drumming, S H E takes the staples of rock music and transforms them into a new modern sound, fusing them with electronic and shoegaze elements – aiming to open minds to what can be done in the rock genre.
If you like Six60, you'll hate S H E. Frenzied drums, soaring vocals, glitchy synths, feedback-soaked guitars and hooks for days.
“Why should you care about S H E? We’re the future, baby!” – Frazer (drummer), August 2020
Additionally, the Library Cafe opens especially for these concerts, so you can have a coffee or food while enjoying some good music!

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November 26 2023 14:00 - November 26 2023 15:00
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