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Alice Nash Heritage Memorial Lodge Track

Alice Nash Heritage Memorial Lodge Track

Ideal walk for families with breathtaking views and hut style accommodation.

This is quite an easy walk, ideal for families wanting a day trip or an overnight stay. It starts off coming down through steep farmland and enters the bush via a fantastically curved bridge. This walk has some steady climbs, but nothing steep or too challenging. The track is very well marked with DOC markers along the way. The final part of the walk is a bit more challenging than the beginning with more of an uphill climb, and then you reach a fork which directs you either to Heritage Hut or Ōroua Flats. If you take the Heritage Hut turn, it’s another 5 minutes.  Once there you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the ranges and bush.   Accommodation - Alice Nash Heritage Memorial Lodge  This hut has a large and roomy cooking area and platform bunks, which, like all good huts, can accommodate around 12 people if need be (with a bit of squishing). It is a grade one hut, which means there are no electricity or cooking facilities. It does however, have running water, a stand-alone fireplace and an outdoor long drop toilet. You can read more on what you need to know to stay overnight at the hut here.  The decking is one of the main highlights of the hut; it always gets the sun and is quite large. Large enough in fact, that it’s also a popular sleeping area for that real outdoors experience. There is also a reasonable amount of grass space for tent pitching.


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