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Pohangina Valley Loop

This ride is a great way to get a mixture of hills, open flats and gravel rides while showcasing the unique scenery of the Pohangina Valley.

This ride is a great way to get a mixture of hills, open flats and gravel rides while showcasing the unique scenery of the Pohangina Valley. This ride offers plenty of great stopping points along the way, with awesome views from many of the higher points along the way. If you have time, pop in to Cartwheel Creamery for some artisan cheese tasting. The Pohangina Road is mostly gravel, but worth the effort for the scenery.  

Route directions:
From Manchester Square in Feilding, head north on Kimbolton Road for 4.5km before turning right onto Colyton Road. 

In 4km turn left onto Taonui Road, then take the second right onto Valley Road, and follow this along for 11km, where it will exit onto Pohangina Road. 

Turn left onto Pohangina Road and head up through Pohangina Village. From the village, continue for about 10km (on gravel road and some good climbs). Turn right onto Churchill Drive (you are back on sealed roads now), crossing the bridge and heading up past Tōtara Reserve. 

At the end of Churchill Drive, turn right onto Pohangina Valley East Road, which is fully sealed. Head south down this road, all the way past Raumai Reserve to the end where you will meet Pohangina Road again. Turn left onto Pohangina Road, and head south for 5km, until you get to Spur Road. Turn right onto Spur Road, and follow it all the way through to Taonui Road.  

Optional: Spur Road is optional, you can return back via Valley Road, which is the first right one you turn onto Pohangina Road.  

Turn left onto Taonui Road, then left again onto Colyton Road. At the end of Colyton Road, turn left onto Kimbolton Road. At the end of Colyton Road, turn left onto Kimbolton Road and head back into Feilding to complete your loop.




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