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 Springvale Gardens and Bed & Breakfast


Springvale Gardens and Bed & Breakfast

Springvale Gardens and Bed & Breakfast is host to prolific bird life and seasonal flowers in a historic setting.

The garden features a rhododendron and campanulata cherry border planted by the original English gardeners 100 years ago. Four further generations have made their mark. Plantings include azaleas and rhododendrons, conifers and deciduous trees. Chatham Islands forget-me-nots are under planted beneath towering totara and beech trees. Many of the specimens have been named with year of planting to further contribute to the history of this property. Even the fish pond has its history - old black and white photos show local families enjoying it as a swimming pool! 

Note: Best time for viewing rhododendrons and azaleas is October - mid November. Best time for viewing cherries is mid August - mid September. Gardens: Ancient and modern, with yummy home baking. Bird life is prolific both in sound and presence, day and night. Fat pigeons abound, tuis writhe in the cherries and chase the bellbirds. At night under tennis court flood lights moreporks sound as they wait to feast on the insects. 

Open: All year, by prior arrangement. 

Located a stones-throw from the Ruahine Ranges, the Bed and Breakfast is your home away from home. Expect delicious homemade food and baking as well as great company. Swim in the pool, or try a game of tennis or croquet. For the more reserved, sit on the large deck with a book, and soak in the serene atmosphere.


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