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Going Big With Bagels

Going big with bagels

Palmy is raising an atmospheric toast to coffee and bagels thanks to a new cafe in a former church and theatre.

Freddie Clere co-founder and bagel connoisseur Hannah Doughty talks about how she and her husband Scott found moving to Palmerston North, where they've grown their family and set up a business.

What inspired you to leave Auckland and head to the Manawatū?

Scott's military placement brought us to Palmerston North. Once I researched the area, I was eager to make the move. Manawatū not only offers natural scenery and a welcoming community, but it also presents an idyllic setting to start a family, which was important as I just found out I was expecting our first child when we were organising the move. On top of that, affordable housing enabled us to buy our first home in Cloverlea.


Bagels and coffee - how did that combo come into being?

The pairing of carbs and caffeine is irresistibly comforting. A bagel offers hearty indulgence while coffee provides a daily ritual - it's a match made in heaven.

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Freddie Clere P2644172November 02, 2023

What about Palmerston North appealed to you for launching a business? were there specific openings that swayed your choice?

My experience in Auckland's bustling cafe scene made me realise that Palmerston North had room for an establishment like Freddie Clere. The relatively low overhead costs, abundant local suppliers, and a noticeable market gap convinced me that setting up a business would work really well here.

What facilitated your move and business start-up here?

The supportive network among local businesses has been immensely helpful and made the transition smoother and much more manageable.

Do you have any advice for those contemplating a similar journey?

Go for it! Palmerston North offers metropolitan amenities but with the perks of a relaxed atmosphere and cost-effective business operations. Engage with the community to find your unique selling proposition.

Aside from coffee, what motivates you each morning?

The pitter-patter of my preschooler's feet and the opportunity to unite the community through the universal language of coffee and bagels.

Lastly, what's your preferred coffee and bagel selection?

I'm a traditionalist - a flat white with a salmon and cream cheese bagel. However, I do have a soft spot for our current bagel of the month: The Hot Mac, a deep-fried mac 'n' cheese and hot honey delight.

You can get your Freddie Clere coffee and bagel fix at 395/397 Church Street, Palmerston North, Monday to Sunday 6am to 2pm. Or follow along on Instagram @visitfreddieclere for some seriously mouth-watering - and sometimes messy - reels.

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