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Road-tripping to Whitecliffs Boulders

Whitecliffs Boulders are one of natures surprising creations offering a truly unique experience.

If you’re travelling via State Highway One or looking for weekend day-trip ideas make sure to add this to your hit-list.

Here Rachael gives us the low down.

My brother, Daniel and his partner Caroline found this awesome spot just out from Mangaweka. You follow winding roads to an unassuming parking area and make your way down the countryside (literally through paddocks with cows and sheep) to the bush area.

As you enter the bush, you start to see the giant moss-covered boulders that make this piece of the land so special.

I would try to describe how the boulders arrived there in my own words but the Whitecliff Boulders website does a great job already:

‘It is believed that millions of years ago rivers carried sediment from eroding land out to sea. Shells and trees were also carried out to sea and were trapped in the sediment. The sea water contained dissolved chemicals and formed a cement around what was left of the buried shells and plant material. The cement in this case is calcium carbonate. The organic material seems to create a node for this process to occur.’

Some of the boulders are really giant, easily as tall as me and they are all covered in a beautiful green moss, it’s like the magical playground I had imagined in my childhood. There’s a path winding through, but as always, if you jump off the beaten path you’ll find something better.

I would highly recommend taking a picnic along with you to enjoy down there. It’s a not to be missed spot if you’re travelling past or live in the area and are looking for a magical activity.

Words & Photography by Rachael Hedges – Wander, Wonder, Wonton

For more information including directions and opening hours to see the Whitecliffs Boulders, visit the official website.

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