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The region is proud to work in partnership with Palmerston North Airport and the Central Economic Development Agency to support this exciting opportunity to bring Flight NZ0 Next Gen Aircraft 2030 to Manawatū. As a region, we look forward to ensuring there are seamless engagement and transition processes in place to support and welcome this fantastic initiative into our region.
Manawatū is home to a unique multi-modal distribution hub consisting of rail, road, and air and sea connections, as demonstrated through Te Utanganui – the Central New Zealand Distribution Hub.

Manawatū is one of three key nodes on the national transport and freight network perfectly positioned in the middle of Aotearoa, and at the intersection of the state highways connecting Taupō, Taranaki, Hawke's Bay, and Wellington, making us the perfect location to support the connectivity and movement of freight across New Zealand.

Palmerston North Airport is one of only three in New Zealand consented to move freight 24/7, which is why so many national and global companies base themselves here for easy access to markets, designated space for large scale warehousing sites with room to grow.

Home to two defence bases; Ohakea Air Force Base and Linton Army Camp and three tertiary institutes, the regions central position and diverse economic profile have positioned it well for the $8 billion (NZD) of government and private investment underway over the next eight years, working to accelerate growth now and into the future.

Palmerston North and Manawatū is the home to a vibrant mix of multinational companies, world-class research and educational institutions and an established business ecosystem that is connected to the world.

Our region boasts a strong and varied range of sectors made up of distribution and logistics, infrastructure and construction, manufacturing, agritech and primary and research science and innovation. Business leaders cite the central location, science and research facilities, access to talent and availability of land, as key to their success in Manawatū.

Join us as we move to a sustainable and resilient future of distribution and freight, that supports Aotearoa and the world. 

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Logistics is a significant employer in the Manawatū region, counting for 6,527 jobs, 10.2% of the total workforce in the region. The contribution of the logistics sector to GDP has more than doubled in size since the year 2000 (+104%) with the number of people employed in the sector increasing 55.0%. GDP concentration is 1.14 relative to the percentage of national GDP generated from the logistics sector while our location quotient is 1.08.

These measures are used to determine comparative advantage and the accumulation of resources employed in the sector regionally, compared to the national average. They clearly show an agglomeration of resources here aka the right conditions for investment to drive greater productivity and national efficiencies.

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Te Utanganui

Te Utanganui is a unique multi modal distribution hub in the lower North Island of New Zealand, consisting of rail, road, air, and sea connections.

Complementing the Golden Triangle (Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga) and southern Christchurch node, Te Utanganui is the third node in New Zealand’s national transport and freight network in the heart of the country.

Te Utanganui is accelerating at pace, and we have ample room to grow. Join us as we move to a sustainable and resilient future of distribution and freight, that supports Aotearoa and the world.

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When it comes to distribution and logistics, Palmerston North city and Manawatū play a vital role in connecting industries and products within New Zealand and to the world.

Located at the geographic centre of New Zealand, Palmerston North city acts as a central hub for the North Island with highway, rail and air connections to major centres and regions.

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